Staging meetings responsibly.

As a modern and responsible company, compliance with the principles of ecological sustainability is a matter of course for Karlsruher Messe- und Kongress GmbH.

In 2010, we were one of the very first event organisers to be certified compliant with the “Green Globe” criteria. This special certification scheme was developed by the “Green Globe Certification” organisation in cooperation with the EVVC for event organisers. More information is available at

The process involves checking off a total of 338 criteria and indicators. The areas subjected to scrutiny include waste disposal, water and power supply, and social projects, creating verifiable and practice-oriented criteria for successful sustainability management.

Here are a few examples of the measures implemented by the KMK:

  • Karlsruher Messe- und Kongress GmbH only uses certified green electricity.
  • On the trade fair centre’s cooling and sprinkling system is fed with groundwater pumped up from a depth of 28m into the ventilation system’s heat exchangers, thereby cooling the air in the exhibition halls. We also use groundwater for watering our green spaces, helping to relieve the pressure on the supply of drinking water.
  • At the Convention Centre, the “Schwarzwaldhalle”, the “Gartenhalle”, and the “Konzerthaus” are also cooled with groundwater. District heating is used to satisfy the heating requirement of the “Stadthalle”, the “Schwarzwaldhalle”, the “Gartenhalle” and the “Konzerthaus”. Heat-recovery systems are used in these building as well.
  • Our locations provide more than 90% barrier-free access to all rooms.
  • We make climate-friendly travel to Karlsruhe possible with the “ Karlsruhe Ticket ”, at prices starting from just €66.
  • We provide a shuttle-bus service to and from our events and increase the frequency of the urban-railway system. All our printed matter and plans of how to reach us etc. always include details of how to get to the destination event using public transport. We also increase the number of bicycle racks significantly for some events.



The official site of the city of Karlsruhe offers information on the administration, business and for Leisure.

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